6 Best Rabbit Shed Plus Setup, Designs and Plans Ideas

Rabbit shed with a runaround
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To safely house your rabbits outside, you can go for a hutch, or modify your garden shed. Why is a rabbit shed often preferred when compared to a hutch?

A rabbit hutch is never enough since rabbits can jump up to 3 meters long and as high as a meter. Besides they love foraging, digging, and exploring. Therefore, this means that besides their play area or run, where they stay should also be spacious and comfortable. They do not like being confined to one place!

Rabbit shed ideas

Rabbit shed ideas

With a few modifications, an ordinary garden shed can be turned into a comfy, spacious outdoor rabbit house, bigger than a traditional hutch yet cheaper.  

Why a shed?

Besides being cheaper per square feet compared to a traditional bunny hutch, converting your garden shed to a rabbit house has the following advantages.

Larger and spacious

They offer more space since they are larger when than typical hutches. The bigger a rabbit housing is, the better.

Also, being higher, you will get enough space for your rabbit toys, shelves to where your bunnies can hop onto as well as room for boxes.

However, ensure your shade has the minimum required size of the rabbit cage to ensure they are comfortable and happy.

Readily available

Whereas finding a large hutch for your bunny is not easy, garden sheds are much easier to get. You will find them in the various DIY and gardening stores in your locality.

Do not forget to check if there are any council regulations on the size of the shed you can have before buying one.

A chance to socialize

Their large size gives you an opportunity to enter inside these sheds and spend time with your furry friends. This will help you create a good bond. While inside them, you will not get rained on, even in bad weather.

It is easy to convert to bunny housing

Most garden sheds need a little adaptation and conversion to provide a spacious, cozy home for your bunnies. You will spend very little money in the process.

Best rabbit sheds for sale affordable 

You are unlikely to find rabbit sheds on sale. However, what you need to buy is an excellent outdoor storage shed and convert it into a shed. Some of the brands you can quickly turn into a home for your bunnies include the following:

Suncast 5′ x 3′ Horizontal Stow-Away Storage Shed

This outdoor storage shed measuring 5′ x 3′ is a perfect choice if you want something you can easily convert to a bunny shed that will serve you for a very long time.

It features a heavy-duty flooring, multi-walled panels made of polypropylene resin, hinged lid for access, and its doors have a three-door locking system to ensure total security.

Finally, it is easy to assemble and modify, can withstand any weather condition, is waterproof, and will provide UV protection.Suncast 5' x 3' Horizontal Stow-Away Storage Shed - Natural Wood-like Outdoor Storage

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Keter Factor 6×3 Large Resin Outdoor Shed

Keter has many outdoor sheds that come in many dimensions to suit various needs. The six feet by three feet is a perfect size to convert to a home for your furry critter.

Like its counterpart Suncast, it is made from polypropylene resin plastic and has been reinforced by steel. Furthermore, it is waterproof, UV protected, and weather-resistant, meaning it will last long without rotting, peeling, or rusting.

Finally, it comes with adjustable brackets for putting shelves if necessary, lets in the skylight, and is well ventilated to allow free air circulation.Keter Factor 6x3 Large Resin Outdoor Shed

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Rubbermaid Outdoor Shed, Plastic, 7×3 Feet, Maple/Sandstone

This brand by Rubbermaid measuring 95″ H x 84″ W x 42″ D is made using weather, leak, or dent-resistant heavy-duty plastic with double walls.  Its flooring is impact resistant, has double-wide lockable doors, and it is easy to assemble.

With a little modification, you can convert this outdoor storage shed into a fantastic bunny shed that will last long.Rubbermaid Outdoor Shed, Plastic, 7x3 Feet

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Duramax (30214-1) 10 x 8 Feet V2 Wood Side Vinyl Shed – Ivory/Brown (UK)

Duramax 30214-1 measures ten by eight feet, making it the right choice if you have several bunnies. It is made of sturdy PVC, comes with instruction for assembling it, three shatter-proof windows, and a foundation kit.

Furthermore, it has reinforcement metal, ventilation kit, and the doors have padlock eyes and handles.

You don’t need to repaint it or treat it as it will not fade, rot, get dents, or mildew, and it will serve you for a very long time!Duramax (30214-1) 10 x 8 Feet V2 Wood Side Vinyl Shed - Ivory Brown

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Rowlinson Wooden Outdoor Storage Shed 6ft x 3ft Wooden Shiplap Garden Shed

If you prefer wood, buy the garden shed made from 12 millimeter treated shiplap wooden panels, a solid board roof with a mineral felt on top making it weatherproof and a tongue and groove flooring.

Like others, it comes with five feet lockable doors, and its inside dimensions are 5ft 8in wide x 2ft 5in deep. You will receive a manual to help you with assembling it. 6ft x 3ft Wooden Shiplap Garden Shed

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Forest Garden 6×4 Overlap Apex Garden Shed

This shed is also a shiplap tongue and groove construction with an interlocking makes it watertight. It has a window fitted with a non-shattering polycarbonate, a strong door, and a mineral felted roof making it weatherproof.Forest Garden 6x4 Pent Shiplap Garden Shed - Dip Treated

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Other good brands include

  • Walton’s 5×7 Wooden Tongue & Groove
  • SideMate 4’x8′
  • Leisure Zone Outdoor Wooden Storage Sheds Fir Wood Lockers with Workstation

These are but a few of the brands you buy. You can also opt to make one yourself or check at your local home or gardening store.

Rabbit shed setup – converting it to a bunny house

We have seen the benefits sheds have over traditional hutches and the best brands to buy. Let us look at some ways and ideas to turn them to homes for your bunnies:

Decide where to put it

While deciding on where to put it, ask yourself if you have enough space for the shed you are choosing as well as a rabbit run which will be ideal if linked to it. Usually, a direct connection between your run and this housing is often recommended.

Rabbit shed design and modification

Since it was not intended for bunnies, you might be required to do a few changes and design it well to ensure it gives your rabbits maximum comfort and enriched lives. The redesigning might involve this such as:

  • Lining the inner side with plywood to ensure it is predator-proof. A thick one is better than a thin one.
  • Adding shelves with decking steps (ramp) to give more space as well as an enriching habitat to your bunnies. You can also add anything your furry friend might want to jump to or sit on, as long as it is safe.
  • Line the shelve tops and floors with linoleum to avoid urine damaging them and make cleaning these surfaces much easier.
  • Add rabbit bedding, litter trays, waterers and rabbit feeders. Litter training your bunny may be necessary if you haven’t done so.
  • If you want it connected to your bunny playpen, you can use a runaround connector or cat flaps to enable them to access this area for exercising. Having at least two cat flaps or runarounds will make them feel safe.
  • Create ventilation by adding a secondary window or door made of the mesh where your window and doors are located. If you opt for drilling holes, they should be at least on the upper half of your shed. Ventilations will allow free air circulation and reduce respiratory problems due to the strong ammonia smell in urine.
  • If placed on the grass, the garden shed should have a mesh beneath it to avoid rabbits tunneling out, or intruders that may be digging in. Go for at least 16g welded mesh wire or thicker with the openings being not less than 13mm to keep away stoats, weasels, and polecats. 
  • Consider insulating the roof and walls to avoid heat escape if you stay in colder areas.
  • During bad weather, close the window and doors.

How you decide to plan inside your bunny shed all depends on your creativity. There is no specific way to design it. It should all about keeping your rabbits entertained.

DIY Rabbit shed ideas and plans

If you prefer a DIY shed, then you have unlimited designs, plans and ideas to make it look amazing.  It all depends on your creativity. However, it should not fall short of any safety and general requirements for housing your furry friend.

Here are rabbit shed videos

Here are a few photos to give you ideas on how you can plan yours. If you want plans, there are plenty of them online for you to download and use.

Rabbit shed with a runaround
With a runround
Inside a rabbit house shed
Inside planning
Rabbits need a fun house not a boring one
They need a funhouse not a boring one

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