7 Best Rabbit Hutch Covers Plus Thermal and for Winter

BUNNY BUSINESS Hutch Cover for Double Decker Hutch
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From buying good rabbit hutch covers or huggers such as Made to Measure, Trixie, Rabbit Shacks to making your own at home using foiled backed bubble wrap, we have everything you need to know on rabbit cover including those for winter (thermal).

Outdoor rabbits are often exposed to a possibility of various harsh weather elements such as low temperatures, snowing, storms, or winds (draughts). All these might affect the health and well-being of your bunnies.

As a part of providing extra weatherproofing to your coop, you should consider getting rabbit covers to ensure your furry friends are protected from the various harsh weather conditions.

These covers are of different types and come in different sizes and they are often put over your bunny’s outdoor housing if it is not temperature controlled.

They range from clear transparent waterproof plastic coverings to insulated ones, which can help in extremely cold conditions including winter.

Note that if you let your bunnies in the cold and wet conditions, they may get ill or even die.

Some of the essential things you must put into account include the following:

Considerations when buying covers for your hutches

  • Your hutch measurements – People with standard bunny houses will get manufacturers who make covers that will feet the various hutch sizes. You might need a custom-made if your rabbit’s house is huge or has unique dimensions.
  • Level of protection required – If your rabbit’s house is well weatherproofed, you might not need any other waterproof cover.
  • Ease of use – go for brands that are easy to remove to gain access to your bunnies as well as return them.

Having looked at the above considerations, it is time to look at some of the best rabbit hutch covers to buy on the market which includes:

Bunny Business Hutch Covers and Groves (UK)

Bunny Business has a wide array of rabbit hutch covers as well as those for bunny runs or playpens. Scroll on Amazon.com to see the various types they have and choose what will match your needs.

The various covers have Velcro fastenings, is water repellent and covers the entire hutch protecting your pets from rain and wind while keeping them warm even when the climatic conditions are icy. Your bunnies will snug as if they were in their natural cave or burrow.  Some of the popular sizes and designs include the following:

BUNNY BUSINESS Grove that fits 147cm Length x 53cm x Depth x 85cm Height.

BUNNY BUSINESS Hutch Cover for Grove

BUNNY BUSINESS Hutch Cover for Grove

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BUNNY BUSINESS Hutch Cover for Double Decker Hutch measuring 48″ L x 20″ D x 41.” BUNNY BUSINESS Hutch Cover for Double Decker Hutch

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Other excellent brands include BUNNY BUSINESS Cover for Bb-48-Si,  BUNNY BUSINESS  Bb-48-Drh, Bunny Business Hutch Cover for Bf2, BUNNY BUSINESS Hutch Cover for Bb-48-Dh, among others. See their images, prices and more.  

Weemoment 4FT Double Layer Cage Cover Waterproof Breathable Hutch Covers for Rabbit Eco – Friendly

This 4FT double-layer cage cover has breathable venting made from oxford cloth waterproof and will protect your bunnies from rain, wind, low temperature.

It will fit the 48 inches (4 feet) double-decker hutch with a roof dimension of a roof size of 48″L x 20″ D like the Bunny Business Models BB-48-DDU, BB-48-DDL-TR, and BB-48-DDL or any other that has similar dimensions. Furthermore, it has a folding transparent blind on the front side to ensure it works well with any type of front door.

You have a choice of buying the block or grey one, and it is easy to adjust since it comes with straps. Note that it the same brand that Sunsbell and Soundwinds sell on Amazon UK. weemoment 4FT Double Layer Cage Cover Waterproof Breathable Hutch Covers for Rabbit eco - Friendly

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PetFace Guinea Pig/Rabbit Hutch Cover

If you need superior heat insulation, this PetFace hutch cover will be an excellent choice. It has a thermal lining backed with a foil. Furthermore, it is durable since it is made using machine-stitched PVC backed woven polyethylene material. It will help extend the lifespan of your bunny hutch

It is designed to perfectly fit in any cage that measures D116cm x D46.6cm x H61cm and has access panels with zippers and Velcro to allow you access your pets without having to remove it as well as mount it well.

Finally, it is easy to store since it comes with its carrying or storage bag.Petface Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch Cover

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Scratch and Newton’s hutch hugger

Like Bunny Business, Scratch and Newton have many designs and sizes. You need to check them at Amazon.co.uk or you can even request custom-made if the available ones don’t meet your requirement. 

They will completely shelter your hutch since they are waterproof, i.e., on the back, roof, sides and their front side that is made of transparent plastic. While cleaning, you can roll up the front part and secure it under the pelmet.

If you need linings (hutch snuggles), they also have them to fit under these covers and they are very easy to install and are tightened with straps. Here is a list of Scratch and Newton with dimensions (LxWxH) in cm to help you decide which one suits you the most.

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COZY PET Rabbit Hutch Cover Guinea Pig Ferret Hutch Covers

Cozy Pets has not only covers but also bunny hutches that come with perfectly fitting covers. There are various sizes all made from high-quality material that is waterproof.

They also have clear access windows with zips for accessing door panels and Velcro for securing panels once you have opened them.

Finally, they have holes, strategically placed to ensure free air circulation.COZY PET Rabbit Hutch Cover Guinea Pig Ferret Hutch Covers

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Trixie Natura Hutch Covers

They are made of nylon with some of them made from polyester and fitted with plastic windows to protect your bunnies against wind and rain and can be rolled on the front part. Also, they have ventilation slots to allow air circulation and an opening place for drinking bottle mounting.

They can be fixed easily using zippers and velcro, and they will not interfere with the opening of the door or roof of your hutch.Trixie Protective Cover for Natura Hutch

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Trixie also has Trixie Natura Small Animal Hutch with Outdoor Run and Trixie Protective Cover for Natura Hutch.

Rabbit hutches cover made to measure

These are custom made where you give your dimensions they make them for you. Since they are customized, you expect them to be a little bit expensive but will fit well.

You can go for the standard ones which have a front made of transparent PVC and a roll-up night time front, or the split front clear one (similar to the first time with the clear front side split).

They have a newer one that has easily changeable fronts. The Velcro attaches the front and “they can be changed as the weather changes. This cover comes with a nighttime front, a PVC clear daytime front, and a net-front to stop any insects getting into the hutch,” notes eBay.comRabbit hutches cover made to measure

Other great brands

  1. Charles Bentley – has several good brands that come in various designs. They also have a good Waterproof Hutch Cover for a Run you will really like.
  2. Home Sweet Home Hutch-n-Fun Cover Rabbit/Guinea Pig Hutch
  3. FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch Cover for Bunny Ark
  4. RabbitShack Hutch Cover

  5. The UK’s Range and Argo sites have the right kinds you could buy if you stay close to the UK.

Thermal rabbit hutch covers

These types help contain heat loss in very cold weather or avoid excess heat when your bunnies are in very hot climates. They often have a thermal lining to help achieve this objective.

There are other various options for insulating your bunny’s outdoor house which includes covering it with old blankets or carpets beneath a waterproof plastic, perspex sheets or plexiglass or tarpaulin.

Also, you can go to the thermal liners. To use them, place the liners then the various hutch covers we have discussed on top of them.  The liners could be acrylic, wool, bubble wraps, or foam and thin aluminum layer among others.

Flyscreen for rabbit hutch

These are fine mesh intended to stop flies from getting into your bunnies’ pens through the wire mesh on the front part or windows. They can be roller, magnetic, frames and so on.

DIY with a foil backed bubble wrap

Instead of relying on the expensive brands, we have seen, you can go for simple homemade waterproof covers, whether you want rabbit hutch covers for the winter or when weather including wind seems extreme.

All you need is waterproof covers or a tarp (if it is raining), insulating materials which can be old blankets, old carpets, duvet and bubble wrap, and a few stones or bricks to help hold them and insulating materials in place.

If you want something that looks a little neater, go for a foil backed bubble wrap and outdoor duct tape and cover all sides of your hutch except the front side.

A broader or taller rabbit cage might need you to overlap the top foil backed bubble wrap with the lower one and join them with the duct tape you purchased to use a rope to tie them to the coop tightly. Be careful not to tear them since you will need to use them again.

The front side can have a transparent plastic sheet that can be rolled up to enable easy cleaning.

Finally, ensure you do not cover the entire rabbit enclosure since you need a ventilation space. Create a gap in the area that has a wire mesh.


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