Best Heated Rabbit Hutch Pads and Heat Lamps

Pet Heating Pad by Snuggle Safe, Pet Microwaveable Heat Pad, Safe Pet Bed Warmer
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Heated rabbit hutch pads and lamps can help keep your rabbits warm during extremely cold winters. Which are some of the good brands to buy and general tips for using them?

When it comes to keeping your outdoor rabbit hutch warm, you have several options. You can have insulated bunny covers, insulate your hutch, buy an insulated one or heat them up. There are also other options such as moving your cage into a house or garage and so on.

We already covered something on rabbit hutch insulation and the use of covers. Let us focus on a heating rabbit sheds and hutches.

Best rabbit hutch heating pads and heaters

The first option of keeping your hutch warm is using a heating pad. There are various brands in the market including those connected to electricity or those you only warm in a microwave (and they can remain warm for several hours). Let us see the best animal heating pad for outdoor hutches.

Snugglesafe Microwave Wireless Heatpad With Fleece Cover

Topping the list is the Snugglesafe Microwave Wireless Heatpad With Fleece Cover. It contains a Thermapol gel, which is non-poisonous, and it can keep your hutch warm for up to 10 hours once it has been heated in your microwave. You don’t need cables, electrical heating elements, thermostats, and so on.

Furthermore, it is compact, and the fleece will make it even more efficient and heats up very fast, i.e., about 6 minutes.

It is recommended for newborn kits, outdoor bunnies, and other pets. Finally, its surface is made of polypropylene with is bite resistant.

If you often travel with your pet, this is a perfect way to keep him or her warm for up to 10 hours. Pet Heating Pad by Snuggle Safe, Pet Microwaveable Heat Pad, Safe Pet Bed Warmer

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K&H Pet Products K&H Small Animal

This amazing brand is thermostatically controlled, and it can maintain the hutch temperature at 102°F and can be used to warm your bunnies to their normal body temperatures. To ensure it is safe, amazon.com notes that it features “chew resistant features like steel encased cord, pre-drilled screw holes, rounded edges.”

Also, this product is made of hard plastic, that is waterproof making it usable for indoor and outdoor conditions.

Finally, the 9 X 12-inch pad only uses 25 watts making it energy efficient and you can also use it for your ferrets, chinchillas and other similar small animals. K&H Pet Products Electric Small Animal Outdoor Heated Pad 25W Tan Petite 9 X 12 Inches

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Climate Right Electric Heater for Dog Houses and Animal Shelters

This brand is easy to install and comes with a chew-proof, pet-safe code. Therefore, you do not need to worry that your bunnies may chew the cables.

It has a 200-Watt heating element, an internal fan to circulate warm hair and will automatically turn off if it reaches the maximum temperature and restarts if the temperature falls.

According to therabbithouse.com, if you have a rabbit “shed, then you can use a greenhouse heater to help keep the temperature above freezing.”

Try other brands such as Tubular Heater 3ft Foot 915mm Greenhouse Sunhouse 240v Caravan, 60-Watt 2ft Greenhouse or Shed or Electric Tube Heater for Greenhouse and Shed – 45W.ClimateRight Electric Heater for Dog Houses and Animal Shelters - Easy to Install - Pet-Safe Chew-Proof Cord

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Since electrical cables are not safe for pets, we recommend putting any pads that use electricity beneath the rabbit cage since they pose a risk of electrocution and fire hazards. Secondly, ensure these pads you use are safe and chew resistant.

K&H Pet Products Pet Bed Warmer

If you need an indoor solution for keeping your rabbit or any other pet warm, settle for the K&H Pet Products Pet Bed Warmer.

Simply insert it inside your pet’s bed and let it warm it. It will raise the bed’s surface temperature by a margin of 10-15 degrees above the room temperature. Your pet’s temperature will only rise to around 102 degrees when your pet is sitting on its bed.

It measures 9-1/2 by 8-1/2 inches, comes with a one year warranty, and you can use it at any time if you find it necessary to warm your bunny or any other small pet.K&H Pet Products Pet Bed Warmer

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Dog and cat heating pads

We understand that there are many pet heat pad brands like K&H PET PRODUCTS Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed Tan and or Fluffy Paws Indoor Pet Bed Warmer Electric Heated Pad with Free Cover. However, since bunnies love chewing almost everything, ensure the particular brand is chew-proof or strictly use it as directed by the manufacturer or veterinarians.

Additionally, brands such as All Things Bunnies Rabbit Heat Mat, New Cold Winter Pet Dog Cat Reptile Rabbit Safe Heated Heater Warmer Bed Pad Mat Pet, and Alayna Pet Heating Pad, for Dog Cat Electric Heated Pad Indoor Waterproof Adjustable Warming Heat Mat with Chew Resistant Steel Cord may not work well as some pets will chew through them.

Heated lamps for rabbit cages

The second option of avoiding hypothermia in your bunnies due to freezing winter temperatures is using an outdoor rabbit hutch heater. Go for ceramic heat emitter or red-light bulb.

If you decide to go for these lamps, ensure they are safely installed at places where your bunnies cannot reach them; their codes are chew-resistant and options that do not emit light as it may alter your bunny’s sleeping patterns.

Try brands such as:

  1. Wuhostam 2 Pack Infrared Ceramic Heat Lamp
  2. Exo Terra Heat-Glo Infrared Spot Lamp
  3. Aiicioo Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb -60W Ceramic Heat Emitter No Harm No Light Infrared Heater
  4. Premier Heat Lamp for Brooders, Lambs, and Pets
  5. Blue Spotted Ceramic Infrared 

Also, ensure you keep “cords and keep them out of contact with water, including rain and snow”, notes cureness.com.

Always ensure these lambs are safely installed and away from wood to mitigate the possibilities of them starting fires.

Enclosing them in a metallic cage will provide extra assurance that your rabbits won’t be able to reach them.

As an additional benefit, the outdoor rabbit heat lamps will ensure your rabbit water bowls and bottles do not freeze.

General tips

If you want to move your rabbits from cold to a heated environment, do it gradually. Most bunnies might not be able to tolerate drastic environmental changes.

If directly connected to electricity, ensure you use spring-protected cords that make chewing impossible.

Go for thermal gradient which means you can keep part of the coop warm while another part relatively cool. This will give bunnies a chance to choose where they want to be.

If you need any of the brands we have mentioned and many others, you will find them at Amazon.com, petsmart.com, eBay.com, and some of your local pet stores.

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