Can Rabbits Eat Pepper – Bell and Hot Pepper?

Do rabbits eat pepper - bell or chili
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Whether rabbits can eat peppers or not depends on the specific one or type in question as there are those they can eat and some they cannot.

Pepper belongs to the genus Capsicum and the family Solanaceae. These flowering plants have to five main species which are Capsicum annuum, C. chinese, C. baccatum, C. pubescens, and C. frutescens. Each of these species has several varieties.

Do rabbits eat pepper - bell or chili
Do rabbits eat bell or chili pepper?

Besides these species, we can generally group them into sweet and chili or hot peppers. These names might vary from one place to another. In some settings, chilies mean the hot ones.

Besides being spicy, they also loaded with many valuable nutrients including vitamins and minerals.

Should I give my bunnies pepper?

Yes and No. Rabbits can eat pepper, but it all depends on the type you give them. Bunnies can eat bell pepper including the yellow, green, purple, red, and orange type. They are not toxic or harmful to your furry friends at all.

On the other hand, rabbits do not eat hot pepper (chili). Petconsider.com warns on chilies by stating that “most (such as cayenne and habanero) are not recommended. It is always a good idea to avoid giving your rabbit any food that is spicy enough to make your nose run and your eyes water.”

Besides that, the hot chilies are often used as a repellant for bunnies in the garden in cases where you suspect they may destroy some of the crops you are cultivation. This use is an indication that rabbits do not like chilies.

We did not find enough reference on whether rabbits can eat the other sweet pepper or not. Our advice is that you stick to the ones we have stated as safe.

When feeding them with bell pepper of any color, you need to do so in small quantities as you do to other non-leafy vegetable treats. A teaspoon is enough for a bunny whose body weight is two pounds.

Also, do not give them this treat daily. Bunnies will enjoy the diverse taste, appearance, and texture of the various treats you provide them. You can give them others which include fruits that rabbits can eat, or other non-leafy vegetables include celery, squash, zucchinis, carrots, brussels sprouts, cabbage and so on.

What about their leaves?

They are some of the crops that bunnies will cause the least damage. This is a clear indication that although they can eat them, they are less favored when it comes to your rabbit choosing the foods it likes.


Whereas there are many fruits, greens and non-leafy vegetables that your bunny can eat, these fresh foods should not account for more than 15% of their daily dietary needs. Ensure they get at least 80% hay, and 5% high-quality pellets. 

For pellets, brands such as Oxbow Animal Health Bunny Basics Essentials Adult Rabbit Pet Food, Kaytee Supreme Food for Rabbit or Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets will be perfect while if you need hay, buy Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting “Perfect Blend” Timothy Hay Pet Food, Standlee Premium Western Forage Timothy Grass or  Kaytee Timothy Hay. 

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