Adorable Dwarf Rabbit Breeds and Characteristics

Netherlands dwarf rabbit
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I’ve always thought that rabbits were fairly small, but there are some that are affected by a dwarfing gene that keeps them smaller in size compared to other rabbits.

Dwarf Rabbits have a single, dominant gene that is responsible for their size. If it has two dwarf genes, it proves fatal and dies within a few days.

Characteristics of dwarf rabbits

  • They are t is smaller than 4 pounds, mostly between 1.5-3.5 pounds
  • They are small and round
  • They are easier to take care of because their size allows them to be kept indoors
  • They eat less food so are cheaper to keep
  • Some have straight pointy ears, and a few have floppy ears
  • They are sold as pets, being the 3rd most popular pet in the US
  • They can be trained to use the litter box
  • They are also intelligent and can be taught to understand their names and a few commands
  • They come in many colors including white, orange, grey, teal, chestnut, brown
  • They can be kept indoors or outdoors
  • They have various breeds

Having looked at the various characteristics, its time to go to a few breeds which include the following:

Netherland dwarf

This is the most known dwarf breed because most dwarfed rabbits have the Netherland dwarf influence in their genetic history. They are also one of the cutest breeds with an almost babylike appearance throughout their lifetimes.

Netherlands dwarf rabbit

Netherlands dwarf 


  • They are the tiniest domestic rabbit breeds weighing between 500g – 1.5 kg
  • They have a condensed body with rounded faces and short necks
  • They have big, round, bright eyes
  • They have tiny, perky ears placed high on their heads
  • They have a thin, glossy coat with short hair
  • They are docile and very shy but quick to learn once comfortable
  • They have a delicate digestive system, so they need a special diet
  • They come in many colors including black, chocolate and blue.

Dwarf Lop

This British breed is similar to its American partner the Mini Lop. Although they are gentle and make wonderful cuddle buddies, they shouldn’t be held by small children without adult supervision. With proper training, however, they can be very caring and give a lot of love.

Dwarf Lop

Dwarf Lop

Characteristics of dwarf lop

  • This rabbit breed is small to medium sized weighing between 1.5 -2.5kg
  • They small and built compactly
  • They have round haunches and short strong legs
  • Their ears are long but droopy
  • They have a dense coat
  • They also have short hair
  • They come in various colors including Black, white and Blue

Dwarf Hotot

Dwarf Hotot is a charming breed is also known as “eyes of the fancy” because of the thin black fur around their eyes. They originated in Germany and make for wonderful pets for adults and children.

American Dwarf Hotot

Dwarf Hotot


  • These rabbits are also small weighing 1.0-1.5kg
  • They have a stocky build despite their small size.
  • They have broad and round heads
  • Their necks are almost invisible
  • Their eyes are round with black bands around them
  • They have short ears
  • They are not shy and in fact, love attention
  • They are especially playful and charming
  • They can be trained
  • They come mostly in white

Polish Rabbit

This Polish rabbit is also known as the “little aristocrat” because of its bold, steady stare. Despite this, they are wonderfully calm, social pets. They are perfect pets for children because they are easy to maintain.

Polish Rabbit

Polish rabbit


  • They weigh only about 1.1-2.5 kg
  • They come in various colors including Blue eyed white, Ruby-eyed white, and chocolate.
  • They have short ears that are narrow and touch towards the tip
  • Their eyes are big and sort of taking over the face
  • They have small heads
  • They can be trained and listen well to commands and signals
  • They love attention and being touched and petted often
  • They live only about 5-6 years

Holland Lop

The Holland lop is a unique small breed but considered a favorite among kids for their loving nature. They also keep children busy because they are very active all the time, despite their very innocent expressions.

Holland lop

Holland lop


  • They weigh less than 2kg
  • They have short, stocky bodies
  • They have big heads and chubby faces
  • Their ears are long and floppy
  • They have thick, dense fur
  • But their fur is short
  • They are gentle and very loving
  • They are also very active, loving to hop around
  • They come in various colors including black, blue and white.


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